If you have been accused of robbery, you are facing serious charges and need experienced legal defense. In Virginia, robbery is considered a violent crime and is a felony offense. A robbery conviction requires mandatory sentencing and prison time without exceptions. Having an armed robbery conviction on your permanent record could be ruinous to you and your family’s future.

Under Virginia law, robbery is separated into first and second degree categories. The charge you face depends on the facts of your individual case and the evidence obtained by the prosecutor.

  • Second Degree Robbery
    If the alleged victim was in fear of bodily harm during the robbery or was temporarily disabled by drugs, electronic shock or other means, you may be charged with second degree robbery. A conviction of second degree robbery means a prison sentence of 5 to 18 years. More, if this is a second or subsequent conviction for robbery.
  • First Degree Robbery
    If violence was used or a weapon was present with a threat of deadly force, you could be facing a much more serious first degree robbery charge. A conviction of this charge carries a sentence from 10 years to life in prison.
  • Carjacking
    If the property in the robbery is a vehicle, the charge against you may be carjacking which carries a sentence of 15 years to life in prison.

All of these charges carry serious possible penalties. If you are accused of one of these offenses, consult with an experienced attorney immediately. You need to fully understand the big challenges you face and what can be legally done to lessen the potentially devastating outcome of your case.

Our Hampton Robbery Attorneys Fight for Your Rights

Dunnigan & Messier are experienced criminal defense lawyers qualified to take care of all aspects of your case. We will make a thorough investigation to determine if the evidence against you is weak or was illegally obtained. Small details can make a difference in the charges you face and your chance of a favorable plea bargain.

We are experienced in criminal defense. Virginia law enforcement and prosecutors are aggressive in armed robbery cases. Juries tend to be hard on robbery defendants, especially if they feel the victim’s life was at risk. We will challenge any flimsy evidence, present a strong defense and fight to make sure you get a fair trial with the best possible outcome.