Domestic Violence Crimes

Domestic violence, also called family abuse, includes physical, mental, sexual and economic abuse. It is legally defined as assault and battery against a member of your family or household. Though commonly associated with physical harm, it may also be emotional abuse, such as threatening physical harm, mental control, withholding food or other necessities of life, and even stalking.

Penalties associated with domestic violence in Virginia can be severe, including jail time, stiff fines, restraining orders and probation. It has a negative effect on your permanent record that could cost you your job, affect your future employment and make it extremely difficult to get housing or a loan.

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If you have been charged with domestic violence, it may seem as if everyone, even loved ones, suddenly turned against you. If you feel you are being falsely accused, you need a lawyer familiar with domestic violence cases to guide you through this complicated matter. When you hire an experienced Virginia domestic violence lawyer, you give yourself a better chance of receiving a lesser charge, having penalties reduced or even having your case dismissed completely.

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